My team isn’t showing up…what to do when being part of a team doesn’t feel so awesome.

One of my favorite things about network marketing is being part of a team. Knowing that I have people surrounding me who I love and who are pulling with me toward the same goal is, well, awesome!

But sometimes being part of a team doesn’t feel so awesome–like when you take time to set up a meeting and you’re the only one who shows. Or when you really are trying to help a team member be successful, but they aren’t taking their business seriously.

It stinks. Especially when those people are your friends and you want their success more than they do!

Here’s the reality of network marketing–some will. Some won’t. So what. You CANNOT drag people along with you. They have to want it for themselves. Nothing you can do can make their why big enough. People are going to quit. They are going to make promises they can’t keep. They are going to disappoint you. Because they are people.

So…what do you do?

1. Love them and move on. Keep in touch. Keep inviting them. But release the outcome–what they do is not up to you. Don’t place your hopes and dreams in the hands of someone who won’t bother to commit to showing up and doing the minimum activities needed.

2. Work with the people who show up and who call you. These are your active team members. Coach them and work with them. It’s possible that one of your ‘duds’ will get drawn in by the excitement and become a ‘stud’–but if not that’s ok! If you are the only team member you have–then use your time to reach out to new people!

3. Do your thing. Keep meeting new people and presenting the opportunity. You still need to find your aces. Go out and find new people–people who have the self-motivation to make their own business happen.

Your job is not to make people successful–it’s to become the best you can be. Focus on that and the right people will join your team. And you’ll feel a lot more positive about your business when you are focusing on moving forward instead of on those who aren’t doing anything.