What a wonderful book you, Kristi and Karen have written!  Easy to read and inspirational. The chapter on getting past bumps in the road is priceless.

Monica Parker
"I LOVE "License to Dream".  I have finally gotten to the point that I can say, without embarrassment or guilt, that I deserve to be financially free! Thank you for helping me get to that point!"

Deb Profitt
"Hello Judy - I am Joanna Rampton from the UK.  I wanted to personally thank you, Kristi and Karen for "License to Dream".  I have just finished reading it.  I couldn't put the book down!  Such an inspiration - Thank You.

Joanna Rampton
Hi Judy,
Each month my group does a book study on a subject geared toward our industry. It is generic because we are in many different network marketing companies. Last month's meeting we featured your book. I have received a lot of Thank Yous from the members who participated.  The feedback was terrific.  PS The thing I personally liked best about "License to Dream" was the layout - and how each woman's story was woven in between the education. Your book is GREAT.

Pat Chipperfield
“Thanks for the conference, ladies.  I can honestly say I feel much taller, as you’ve stretched me & helped me grow.”

Julie Champion
“It was such a fabulous, safe, environment to hear and learn how network marketing  works differently for women.  The tools, scripts and stories give me fuel to keep building and not to feel isolated.”

Nancy Hoard
“This was a powerful weekend & being with women only felt very safe and bonding.  I believe I have many tools and more understanding of how to use them to help grow my business as well as myself.”

Gayle Connell
“The awesome trio of Judy O’Higgins, Kristi Lee and Karen Palmer made such an awesome team, varied with each person’s expertise a fabulous training and shot in the arm of super vitamins.”

Diane Jacobsen