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Secrets to Success“Secrets to Success”

8 CD Series + 52 page Guidebook

Created by Women for Women!

  • 3 Core Beliefs
  • Challenges Unique to Women
  • Your WHY & SMART Goals
  • Mentors, Support, & You
  • Using a Proven System to Build
  • Critical People Skills
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Overcoming Challenges

“I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned in your series.  My husband noticed the difference right away in my confidence; I have noticed it in my business.”   Diane Forney-Verhoeven

“Wow!  I LOVED the webinar.  Great, great, great info.  When I get to my office, I am printing off the notes, but will listen again this weekend.  I’m forwarding to several of my team.  This series is going to be a hit.  I can tell you that right now.  The way all three of you approached the topic with such transparency is what women in the business need.  There are real issues, and no one wants to talk about them.”    Deb Bucher


License-To-DreamLicense to Dream inspires women to dream big and pursue their passions, while giving a simple, step-by-step plan for building a successful network marketing business and becoming financially free in just a few years. The three authors share a variety of techniques that have worked for them on their paths to build their own successful businesses. In the process, they reveal women’s unique talents and struggles.

In License to Dream, Judy, Kristi, and Karen have created a perfect manual to teach any woman—regardless of age or work experience—how to build a successful network marketing business. It’s like having a chat with three of your best girlfriends over coffee, as these ladies inspire you to dream big and move forward with them on the journey to financial and lifestyle freedom.





Are you a baby boomer whose nest egg has shrunk or was never there to begin with?
Are you afraid you will never be able to retire in the style you want to?  You can follow in Judy’s footsteps and build yourself a recession proof retirement if you are willing to take a few simple steps.  This book will show you what Judy did and what you can do too. Her success story could change your life.

License to Retire is an amazing tool for sharing network marketing with Baby Boomers!



Does your heart cry out for time to play with your family? Does day to day living seem to drown out who you are (and want to be) as a wife, a mother, a woman? This book will help you discover a new path to freedom —giving you a License to Play!

Want to tell the moms in your life about Network Marketing?  Karen’s story is the perfect tool!