To be sure Kristi, we are all even more blessed to know you! Thanks for all your support and for being the wonderful educator that you are. Thanks even more for giving of yourself as you do.

Becky Norwood
The classes were awesome, if you have a chance to take a class wtih Kristi jump on it, she makes you better than you think you can be.

Joi Hayes Strohmeyer
Awesome...truly a way for all entrepreneurs to become re-inspired again. Thanks Kristi!

Juliene Bennett
You are blessed cause you are such a blessing Kristi. What an honor it's been getting to know you up-close and personal. You truly are a great teacher and an inspiration!

Mary Ann Zimmerman
Thank you Kristi!!! I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned in your 4 part series. My husband noticed the difference right away in my confidence, I have noticed in my business. I didn't want it to end, and enjoyed meeting and getting to know such wonderful women in the group. I hope we all keep in touch 🙂

Diane Forney-Verhoeven
Kristi - We were blessed to meet you. You are amazing! Ideas seem to come to you so quickly. Please keep me in mind for any future seminars that you are teaching. I enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the amazing women in the group and would love to spend more time with you. Thanks again for your inspiration.

Lynn Manis Ritchie
Karen has been extremely helpful to me with my SOC business.  Although we've never met before, that didn't hinder her from providing me with wonderful tips & suggestions for my business.  It meant a lot to me that she could relate to being a stay at home mom with young kids & could equip me with tools to work my business alongside my family.   I appreciated her taking time out of her busy schedule to reach out to someone she hasn't met before & that doesn't directly benefit her.  She has a pay it forward mindset & I appreciate that about her.  She was always very prompt to reply to emails, which I also appreciated.  Thanks so much for your help, Karen!

Melissa Rohlfs
YOUR BOOK has INSPIRED me to make set hours with the kids, do not answer any emails, calls or any other form of distractions because if I had the money NOW I would do just that. I would put more time and emphases on them! Instead of trying to find the next lead, the next pay check etc. SO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART IN REMINDING ME WHAT I AM DOING ALL THIS HARD WORK FOR AND IT’S FOR TIME WITH THE KIDS NOW; NOT IN THE FUTURE! THEY WILL NOT WANT ME IN THE FUTURE THEY WILL WANT THEIR FRIENDS, BOY OR GIRL FRIENDS AND NOT ME SO THANK YOU!!

Kerri Gardner
I wanted to tell you both it was a pleasure to meet you both at the Convention and thank you both for signing your books for me. I have read them both and must say I loved reading them. I really enjoyed both of your stories and they certainly have kept me moving forward with my business. Thank you both so much.

Carol McHugh
Hello Judy,
My husband and I just became distributors recently.  I bought your book and read it yesterday while at the airport.  I had to find a store that sold a highlighter because I was so delighted with the information I was discovering throughout the book!  My Husband couldn't believe that I finished it before the plane took off, Actually neither could I!  It was one of the easiest books to read & digest and get excited about it.  Thank you for writing it!

Cindy Gjers