Follow Up Success – It’s All in Your Mind

Have you ever heard yourself say “I didn’t make my follow up calls because ” I’m afraid I’m bothering people” or ” I’m afraid I’ll make them mad.  They’ll think I’m…………………..(fill in the blank)”.  Women in particular have a fear of rejection and a fear of upsetting others (it’s not “nice”).  So we don’t always pick up the phone, even when our prospects told us they were interested in our product.  We lie to ourselves -“If they really want to buy it they’ll call me”.  We wait for weeks and then months and then tell ourselves “By now it’s too late, they won’t remember me or want what I have”.

This scenario is very common in our profession – and the solution is 100% within our own belief system – Yes, it’s all in our mind!  To work on our follow up, we mainly need to work on ourselves.  Try on these affirmations for 30 days and see if they make a difference.  (It also helps to get an accountability partner and block out time in your schedule for follow up calls).

“Following up is fun and easy”

“People are interested in what I have or they wouldn’t have asked me to call them.”

“If they say no, it’s not about me”

“I AM great at following up.

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Judy O’Higgins

Follow Up… Don’t be like Stewie!

Have you ever wondered how long you should continue following up with a prospect?  Maybe you have called and called and left message after message and the person doesn’t call you back. Or maybe the person has told you, “I’m interested!” but never takes the first step to join your business.  Not only can this be frustrating, but for many of us, following up begins to feel like stalking.  Maybe you think that your follow up looks something like this:

If so, a simple shift in focus might help you overcome your qualms about following up AND create better results.  Of course, Stewie does get Lois’ attention eventually, but not in a good way!  Rather than focusing on signing up your prospects, focus on getting to know them.  If you shift your focus to relationship building, you won’t get frustrated, and it’s more likely that the person on the other end of the line will eventually choose to do business with you.

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